Managed live chat

“Wow” your website and social media visitors 24/7.

Our industry-trained agents work as an extension of your staff. We add a human service element to your website by engaging your clients and improving their digital experience. Your website or Facebook or Instagram pages come alive at all times — day or night.

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Why offer a managed live chat on your website?

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To engage

Better client experience

There is no better user experience than having a highly-trained agent offer real-time human communication. Immediate and accurate information, empathy, and frame of mind.

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To convert

Generate more business

Agents engage and convert 4X more visitors into first-time clients, generating steady new business flow.

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To assist your staff

Virtual customer service

Our agents are an extension of your staff, helping your online visitors find information, book appointments, and handle many FAQs, reducing the need to call by an average of 73% on topics we handle.

Features your clients expect

Allow your clients to communicate the way they want.

64% of millennials prefer to chat over making a phone call.


Omnichannel platform

Engage your client regardless of what digital medium they choose to communicate with you through SMS or chat.

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2 seconds 15 seconds

Initial and average response time

Instant and accurate assistance always impresses clients. Our advanced platform allows agents to maintain unprecedented initial and average response times to your clients’ inquiries.

Real conversations

Industry-trained human agents 24/7/365

Trust, empathy, human touch. These are the elements of our service. We love your clients as much as you do.

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How do you get started?

Step 1

Build a Profile

Every conversation our agents have is specific to your organization. Our online form helps you “train” our agents to become a true extension of your staff. The knowledge you pass on to them is critical for handling various topics they’ll encounter.

Step 2

Kick-off Meeting

We are creating a new collaborative team. Getting to know the key participants on both sides and setting a stage for success is best accomplished through a meeting (or a series of meetings).

Step 3

Platform Activation

We provide your webmaster a JavaScript code to install on your website and/or social media sites to activate our live chat and SMS platforms.

Step 4

Go Live

Once our agents are familiar with the specifics of your operations, we begin the live support. Our teams meet regularly over the initial period of time to ensure a smooth operation.